Assalamualaikum w.b.t

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Sometimes, eventually all time Mama knows best.
The moment when you think you making the right decision,
while actually it brings "disaster" result. I feel "forever-moron"

I have always thought on this for a long time ago. You know, I was rebellious. Yeah, a rebel-to-the-max (rebellicious, haha) teenager last time. I was doing lots of wrongs. The best thing when I have already committed the wrong, Mama will scolded with her loud voice add-up with mumbling and her last statement must included "I told ya, you wouldn't listen to me. Come on Nina, learn from mistake".

And, this keeps going until I entered my university life. Even worse, it really related to my savings. I almost lost all the money JUST BECAUSE I did not ask what I'm supposed to do when I was at the bank. I won't tell this story any longer (as I feel so sorry).

"I always making decision on my own, I owned the risk." This is not matured puteri, but egoist.

Ya, sometimes I am egoist. I think I was right without asking others' thoughts and opinions. You are living with people puteri, not ALONE! Somehow, I feel gratitude that Allah SWT grant me understandable, supportive, sporting and inspiring Mama. I don't even know how to reciprocate on what she had done for me.

Almost 22 years of living, I think she had spent millions of bills, emotions and energy just for me to keep surviving. I think I am her investment, which giving high return or not.

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Mama knows best, she knows what good or not for me,
Yet I believe that Allah is The Best Planner,
All things happened was under His control,
Who am I to deny that?