بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
So, basically Im not a good writer nor interesting-plus-attractive blogger as well.
I write what I saw, went through and my thoughts.
I write just for fun and spend free time.
Some of my post may not beneficial for you so I beg you to not
read the entry okay? ;)

What is kindness to you?

Google defines kindness as;
"The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate."

People seems lose their kindness now. I have been these situations which sometimes super annoying.

Situation 1;

*bumped classmate/ same gender strangers*
Or ego self-conquer

ME: *just realized she's here*
HER/ FRIEND: *look at me yet make serious expression*
ME: OK, fine.

Rasulullah always greet to everyone he met and he was the first greeter amongst others. And even, he would cuddle his Sahabahs before leave. 

Situation 2;

RICH-MAN: *he saw a beggar/ old woman ask for a donation and just lift up the hand and head said "No,thanks!"*
BEGGAR: *grumbled*

Rasulullah was the most generous person in the world. He always asked the kids or orphans came to his house and have some milk. Surprisingly, 50 people drinking the same glass which no refill and passes to each other. This amazing situation is called "barakah".

Situation 3;

In the train or bus.
An old woman stand near the seat and wishing a youngster to offer the seat.
Sometimes even the youngsters dont behave and disrespect people's privacy.
Why? Because they're very low in akhlaq or may be they dont know what considerate is.

There was a Jews who EVERYDAY yell and throw rocks to Rasulullah when he cross in front of Jews' house. One day, the Jews do not make that daily stuffs, Rasulullah feels strange about it and visit him immediately. The Jews fall sick and seek forgiveness to Rasulullah for what he done before but Rasulullah never get offended about it.

See the difference? Its not about different times but its about heart, different heart. Basically, kindness is one of the akhlaq which has been taught by Islam. Where this kindness gone now? No humanity in people's live in this ages. I just feel people are low/ bad of akhlaq.

So people, lets start to spread the kindness so yourself feel contented and peaceful ;)