boring post

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

How are you? Hopefully, you all are in His blessings and mercy.
I dont know what actually I feel right now.
I am not sure if my instinct is true.
People seems turned their back on me.
OK, I should stop this negative assumptions.

However, family is still the best people you can shower the love on.
Because they are raising up with you, growing together and
eventually know you very well.

Thats why I dont have a best friend to share everything.
I only have good friends just to feel the friendship
But I think it seems not right.

OK, whatever it is I put Him as top list of my life (you should).
insyAllah. Hopefully, this will be last forever.
I trust a friendship for the sake of Allah SWT but unfortunately I dont have that feeling.

Probably it comes from me who dont know how
to appreciate people or people just hate me for who I am. :D

Just ignore this entry if not beneficial. It is more to my personal story about
miscellaneous feeling. Till we meet again people. Salam alaik.